Child Custody Evaluations in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, MO- Ask any divorce lawyer what cause the most arguments between a divorcing couple, and they’ll probably tell you it’s child custody. Sometimes the argument over custody is nearly impossible to resolve, and the family courts need to rely on child custody evaluations to determine the final child custody arrangement.

What is a child […]

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Angelina Jolie Makes Child Custody Agreement Public

Los Angeles, CA- Child custody is a vexing issue for divorcing couples and battles over the issue can get ugly. Regrettably, some estranged spouses use child custody as a way to gain an advantage and hurt their ex. There are a number of ways child custody can be used negatively, take for example the recent […]

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Houston, TX Child Custody Plans

Child custody lawyer in Houston, Texas discusses parenting plans and their benefits

Houston, TX- When divorcing, many Texas couples must deal with the issue of child custody. It’s a vexing issue that couples have trouble agreeing on and can lead to a great deal of fighting. A couple can ease some of their tensions over […]

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Resolving Custody Issues in Missouri

Child custody lawyer in Missouri discuss how family courts resolve custody issues

St. Louis, MO- It is not unusual for Missouri’s divorcing couples to struggle with child custody and have difficulties deciding on a final custody arrangement. In such cases, the task of determining child custody is left to Missouri’s family courts. USAttorneys will discuss how […]

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Joint Child Custody in St. Louis, Missouri

Divorce lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri discusses joint custody

St. Louis, MO- One of the hardest issues for divorcing couples on St. Louis to deal with is child custody. Parents want to make the best decision for their children, so they often wrangle with which child custody arrangement will be best for their child or […]

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St. Louis, Missouri Child Visitation

St. Louis, MO- Divorce entails emotionally wrought and complicated issues, some of which can be difficult to resolve. One of those issues is child custody and visitation, and they can create a lot of tension between a couple. In this article, we will explain some basics about child visitation in St. Louis.

When is a child […]

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Nashville, TN Child Custody

Child custody lawyer in Nashville discusses some of the basics of child custody

Nashville, TN- Many couples in Tennessee who decide to divorce will need to deal with the issue of child custody. During their divorce, a couple must decide what child custody arrangement is appropriate, devise a visitation schedule, parenting plan, and child support. […]

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Why Has This Father Been Fighting for Custody of His Son for 3 Years?

When a child is brought into this world, there is not doubt that many aspects of our lives change. But when a child is born, and the parents are either separated, “working-things-out,” or simply divorced, things tend to become complicated as one parent may have their own perspective on how the child should be raised compared to that of the other parent. But, child custody legal representatives in Birmingham, AL acknowledge that state laws prove that both parents should have a say in how their child is going to brought up, and by whom. Sadly, the Huffington Post has identified one father who has been fighting, and continues to do so for the rights he was deprived of when his second son was born and his ex-wife who he still had relations with, lied to him, informing him their second child had died during childbirth. […]

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I Have a Child Custody Hearing Coming Up: What Should I Expect?

When a couple elects to get a divorce, one of the main concerns then becomes, who gets custody of the children? Unfortunately, this decision isn’t easily made as both parents aren’t that quick to relinquish their rights as a parent and give up their children. Therefore, a custody battle has the potential to develop. And while many individuals dread having to go through a custody battle, or appear in court to settle the matter, child custody attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are here to shed some light on what you should expect during the child custody proceedings to help you feel a little more prepared. […]

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