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How is Child Custody Determined in Kansas?

Courts in Kansas determine custody arrangements based on what is in the best interest of the child. When making a decision for custodial rights, courts will examine a variety of factors. Among the many criteria that courts will review include the wishes of each parent, each parent’s residence and their proximity to their child’s school, how the child will adjust to new living arrangements, and the relationship between each parent and the child – to name a few.


Joint versus Sole Custody

There are many different kinds of custody arrangements that a court can arrive at in Kansas. One of the main decisions a court must determine is whether parents will have joint or sole custody of their children. Joint custody means that each parent will have equal share in either the decisions that are made which pertain to their children (also known as legal custody) and where the child will reside (physical custody), while sole custody means that one parent will have the primary ability to make decisions for their children or will be responsible for where the children will live the majority of the time.

When it comes to legal custody, even if one parent is granted sole ability to make decisions regarding the best interests of the children, it does not mean that the other parent is to be excluded from being involved in the decision making. Basically, it means that the parent with sole legal custody will have the ultimate say in making such decisions.

Because no parent is favored over the other solely based on the gender, Kansas courts will typically prefer to grant joint legal custody, unless one parent displays an inability to make decisions regarding their children’s lives, such as prior violence, drug use, or other detrimental factors.

Still, regardless of what a court’s ultimate decision may be, parents have the right to contest custodial arrangements with the help of an experienced Kansas child custody attorney.

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