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Determining child custody arrangements in Montana is a difficult process. Emotions and tensions can run high for parents, and even more so for children – especially if they are young. If matters aren’t resolved quickly and as smoothly as possible, the children are usually the ones who will end up suffering the most. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to come to an agreement as far as custody is concerned.

If you are in the middle of a heated custody dispute in Montana or would like to appeal a court’s decision on visitation rights, we are here to help ensure you obtain the best legal counsel possible.

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What Can You Expect When Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer in Montana?

When hiring a child custody lawyer in Montana, you can expect to have a legal professional on your side who will do everything in their power to make sure that your rights as a parent are protected and that the best interests of your children are upheld. However, child custody attorneys can assist with a wide range of matters aside from custodial disputes. The lawyers in this field are dedicated to ensuring that negotiations between families are handled smoothly, fairly, and resolved as quickly as possible. They can represent one parent or can serve as mediators for an entire family, offering advice to the best of their legal abilities so that both parents and children can benefit.

Your child custody attorney will take care of all the necessary paperwork pertaining to your case, will work with court systems to appeal an established custodial arrangement you might not agree with, and will negotiate the terms of your visitation rights and guardianship rights. Your lawyer can also handle monetary matters, such as the establishment of trust funds, wills, and estates, as well as determine child support payments that are fair and feasible. You will never have to worry about dealing with courts directly when you have a knowledgeable Montana child custody lawyer representing your case.


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The worst part about child custody arrangements is that one parent may try to limit the other’s ability to spend time with their kids – even when there is no justifiable reason for doing so. Many times, courts will take one parent’s claims to be truthful, limiting the other’s right to see and interact with their children. This is why it is imperative for any parent in Montana who is struggling to attain custody to retain legal counsel as soon as possible.

Montana child custody lawyers are on your side and want nothing more than to ensure the well-being of your children. If you have been unfairly denied the legal ability to make decisions regarding your kids, guardianship, or visitation rights, an attorney will contest a court’s custodial arrangements and provide evidence on your behalf to establish your rightful custody. Speak to one of our featured child custody attorneys in Montana today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the best course of action to take with your case.