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If you are a parent in Nebraska who is struggling to obtain a fair custodial agreement, whether it’s because your spouse is trying to deny you visitation rights with your children or because a court decreed that you were unfit to have custody, you may benefit from the expertise of a child custody lawyer. Here at, we want to ensure you obtain the best legal representation possible. We also want to make sure the process of finding and retaining legal counsel is as smooth and effortless as possible.

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How is Child Custody Defined in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, as in most U.S. states, child custody arrangements are determined based on what is in the child or children’s best interests. Sometimes, both parents will be awarded joint physical and/or legal custody. Physical custody refers to where the child or children will actually reside, while legal custody pertains to a parent’s ability to make important and potentially life-altering decisions regarding their children.

Sometimes, one parent is granted sole legal and/or physical custody of their kids. This means that the parent in question will either have the ultimate say on decision-making matters that concern their children or their residence will serve as the primary home for their kids.


Why Parents Can Benefit From Hiring a Nebraska Child Custody Attorney

Just because a court in Nebraska grants sole custody to one parent, this doesn’t mean that the custodial agreement will be set in stone. Parents have the right to petition courts for an appeal on any established child custody arrangement, especially when the parent’s situation has changed. Examples can include a parent acquiring greater income, moving closer to the child’s school, or completing any court-required requests before joint custody can be granted.


Bottom line, courts in Nebraska will always attempt to determine a suitable custodial agreement with the main concern being what is in the best interest of each child. Still, mistakes can happen and decisions can be overturned. That’s why it is imperative for any parent who is unsatisfied with their current custodial rights to procure the legal guidance of an experienced Nebraska child custody attorney.


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If you are trying to modify an existing custodial arrangement or simply cannot come to a mutual decision regarding custody with your ex-spouse or partner, you may end up spending months or even years battling in court. Lengthy custodial disputes can affect parents, but it is the children who end up suffering the most due to the discord in their family and any sudden changes that may ensue regarding their living arrangements as well as time spent with each parent.

To ensure that the well-being of your children is protected, consider hiring a child custody lawyer who can act as a mediator for your case. Your attorney will thoroughly review the details pertaining to your situation, and will offer their expert opinion on how best to proceed with custodial arrangements so that your children won’t be put in the middle of a bitter or drawn-out dispute.

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