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What Every Parent Should Know About New Jersey Child Custody Laws

Custody is a very complicated matter, and it involves a lot of different factors. Aside from joint or sole custody, there is also the matter of determining physical and legal custody. However, in New Jersey, family courts will have the final approval on how custody of each child will be appointed, even if parents reach a mutual decision on their own.

To ensure you have a full understanding of how child custody laws work in New Jersey, here are a few of the most commonly used custody terms to give you a better idea of how custody is appointed and what you can expect:

Legal custody

A parent’s right and ability to be involved in the process of making decisions that affect their children’s lives.

Joint legal custody: Both parents have equal say in making decisions regarding their kids. Both parents are expected to work together and come to a mutual decision regarding their children’s well-being and needs.

Sole legal custody: Both parents can contribute input as far as how they believe their children should be raised or regarding a particular decision, however, the parent with sole legal custody will have the ultimate decisive vote on what will happen.

Physical custody

Where the children actually will live or a combination of two households.

Joint physical custody: Parents will share residential time with their children. Parents will be expected to divide their time with children, such as what days each parent will have the children for, who a child will spend holidays with, etc.

Sole physical custody: Children will live primarily with the parent who has sole physical custody. However, the other parent will still be given visitation rights, provided there is no cause to think that spending time with the kids will not be in the children’s best interests.


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