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North Carolina Child Custody Laws Explained

In North Carolina, as in most other states in the U.S., the process of determining how parents are granted child custody privileges boils down to one factor and one factor only: What is in the best interest of the child. But while many parents who separate are able to come to a uniform decision on where their children will live and how decisions affecting their lives will be made, several others are undergoing a lengthy battle to obtain custody or even fair visitation rights with their kids.

When parents cannot agree on custody matters, courts will generally step in and make a decision, reviewing several factors before coming to a custodial agreement. Courts in North Carolina will take into account the relationship between each parent and their children, the ability of each parent to support their kids financially (especially if their children were to live with them for the majority or a partial amount of time), any history of violence or substance abuse, as well as other important matters that can ultimately affect the child’s well-being.


What Are the Steps Parents Must Take in Order to Obtain Custody of Their Children in North Carolina?

When parents are unable to reach a mutual decision regarding the care and support of their children, a family court judge will usually step in and facilitate the process. However, North Carolina child custody laws favor resolutions outside of the court. So, in order to avoid what could end up being a very lengthy litigation process, the state requires that parents procure a mediator to assist in coming to a fair and just custodial arrangement. If mediation fails to result in a mutual decision between parents, then a District Court judge will have the final say in who will have custody, visitation rights, and who will be required to pay child support.

Litigation proceedings are wrought with emotions and often end up affecting children more than the actual parents involved. Disputes between parents often have a domino effect upon children, especially those who are young and thrust into a tumultuous legal situation. Older children may have a say as far as which parent they would prefer to live with, but when a minor child is thrust into a bitter custody dispute battle, they may end up emotionally damaged and harbor feelings of anger, distrust, and resentment.


The Importance of Hiring a Skilled North Carolina Child Custody Attorney

Though courts in North Carolina tend to favor a joint custody arrangement, which can prove to be much easier for younger children to adapt to, there are times when one parent is granted either sole physical or legal custody of their kids. Legal custody pertains to a parent’s decision-making abilities concerning their children, while physical custody refers to where the child will actually live and which parent will be responsible for supervising and physically caring for their kids.

Unless a parent proves to be unfit to have contact with their children, even in circumstances where sole custody is awarded, the other parent will almost always be granted visitation rights. Unfortunately, these rights aren’t always protected. Many parents who are capable of being granted joint custody either get denied this ability and may even be forced to have limited or court-supervised visitation rights.

To ensure that your rights as a parent are not undermined, it is crucial to consult with an experienced child custody attorney in North Carolina for legal advice. Court decisions are not set in stone and may be modified, however, these types of appeals can take time if a parent does not have adequate legal representation. The best way to avoid a drawn-out custodial dispute is to discuss your options with an attorney who has full knowledge of the state’s child custody, visitation rights, and child support laws, and who will fight to protect your rights as a parent and the best interests of your children.