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The Difference Between Sole and Joint Custody Arrangements

Joint custody is typically the preferred kind of custodial agreement that Virginia courts will grant. It is always in the best interest of a child to spend time with both parents, unless either parent proves unfit to care for, be responsible for, or be in the presence of their kids. When joint custody is granted, both parents will have equal abilities regarding their children. Joint custody can be granted for legal custody, which refers to a parent’s ability to make important and life-changing decisions regarding their kids, and can also be granted for physical custody, meaning where exactly the child will live.

As far as joint legal custody goes, both parents will be responsible for coming together and agreeing upon decisions that can affect their kids, such as education, health, and religious matters. When joint physical custody is granted, then parents will share time with their children. Many parents may choose to establish a time share plan that allows children to live with both parents. Parents will take turns in order to ensure that both are allowed a fair amount of time with their kids throughout the week, during holidays, and on special occasions.

However, there are times when a court determines that sole custody will be granted to one parent in either or both areas. If sole legal custody is awarded, then only one parent will have the final say when making choices regarding their children. If sole physical custody is granted, then the parent with this privilege will be the parent that the child will primarily live with.


Why Parents Can Benefit From Hiring a Virginia Child Custody Attorney

While a Virginia family court may establish a certain custodial arrangement, this doesn’t mean that it is the final verdict. Many times, one parent is unfairly given a greater amount of authority over legal or physical custody of their kids, leaving the other parent’s rights in jeopardy. Fortunately, parents have a right to contest court decisions with the help of an experienced child custody attorney.

Child custody lawyers practicing in Virginia know exactly how to handle custodial disputes and court appeals. They understand that these are very complicated legal matters, often wrought with heavy emotions. Attorneys who specialize in this field work diligently to protect the rights of both their clients and their clients’ children.


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