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Are you struggling to attain custody of your children in Wisconsin? Have you been trying to contest a court’s decision regarding your parenting rights? Do you feel as though your custody arrangements are unfair? If so, then you have come to the right place. makes it quick and simple to connect with child custody lawyers in Wisconsin who have the knowledge, expertise, and compassion it takes to successfully win a family law matter. Each of the legal professionals you’ll find on has the same goal you do: to protect the best interest of your children. They will not rest until your case resolves positively.

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Understanding Different Custodial Arrangements

More often than not, courts in Wisconsin will try to arrange a custody agreement that provides both parents with equal rights as far as both making decisions for their kids and spending time with them. The two main kinds of custody that can be awarded in Wisconsin are joint and sole custody. Joint custody involves both parents sharing the custody of their children, while sole custody means that only one parent will have the singular right to custody.

Custody can also pertain to two different areas of parental rights: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to the actual physical location where the child or children will live, while legal custody refers to a parent’s right to make important and life-changing decisions that can affect their child or children’s lives.

Yet, even if sole legal custody is granted by a court, that doesn’t mean the other parent has to just stand by and accept the court’s decision. The other parent has a right to challenge the court’s judgement with the help of a child custody lawyer.


How a Wisconsin Child Custody Attorney Can Make a Difference in Your Case

Courts in Wisconsin will always try to make child custody arraignments based on the best interest of a child. Unfortunately, there are times when a judge can make mistakes. If a parent proves to be fully capable of raising a child, making important choices regarding their child, and does not have any history of physical abuse or substance addition, that parent has a right to contest the court’s decision. That’s where having an experienced Wisconsin child custody attorney can make all the difference.

There are times when parents may not agree about how to raise children, then there are times when one parent may go as far as to try to undermine the other and make it appear as though the other parent is not fit to have any sort of custody over their kids. A child custody lawyer knows exactly how to approach these complicated legal matters and will work diligently to establish a case on behalf of the parent seeking a greater extent of rights over their children.

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